National Conference: From Academia to Policy

May 15 to 17, 2023
University of Belgrade
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National Conference: From Academia to Policy

This May Circle U. will invite and gather the representatives of the European scientific community to focus on one of the most important challenges of today - climate change, and the University of Belgrade will proudly host and organize the gathering. Keep up with us and check the program for lecturers and specific topics. Meanwhile, let us give you a glimpse of what we have in store for you.

Climate change is not a harmless buzzword of the past decades, shrouded in platitudes and abstract apocalyptic scenarios. It has always been present on this planet and has largely determined its fate, the fate of entire species, as well as the fate of humanity. The Circle U. Alliance has climate as one of its pillars and we are putting joint efforts into exploring new perspectives and testing new ways for involving the academic and scientific community in finding the solution to the problem our future on Earth depends on.

We are witnessing the increase of extreme climate events worldwide and the consequences it has on natural environments, economies and industries, and human lives and health.

The 2023 conference and accompanying events will reflect upon all affected areas from different perspectives.

Student Entrepreneurship

Do we know enough about climate change? Are we always able to predict such events? Are we equipped against it and ready to handle it once it happens? Let alone – can we navigate and control it? If we want positive answers, then we need to place climate change at the heart of academic research and discussion and right among the students – future leaders in both academic and scientific research and industry testing and application.

And why wait for the future? We want the students to experience their ideas being genuinely cared for in the present, supported and tested, and eventually valorized. We believe student entrepreneurship is the right path to take, and an enormous potential for creative and innovative solutions in the broader climate change area, especially in driving them from academia to both industry and policy.

Green & Blue Infrastructure

The former Yugoslavia had a strong tradition of building green spaces, large parks, and well-designed living areas in many cities. However, the rapid urbanization on new terms has challenged the sustainability of urban areas and to a vast extent, it challenged the quality of life, too. When climate change gets into the equation, contemporary concrete jungles become hardly bearable.

Well-planned and designed natural and semi-natural green areas interconnected with various water-based features can support ecosystems and provide numerous benefits, including improved air quality and increased biodiversity, help against floods and offer a new generation of recreational open-spaces.

And that's not all: do stay for the 3rd day!

On the 2nd day, the Circle U. Alliance will present its activities and results, and discuss topics of high importance for the Alliance, such as global health.

Additionally, on the 2nd day we will proudly host the workshop on the Female Founder Network!

Finally, we will see students and their solutions for the real issue: the student challenge program and their point of view.

On the 3rd and the last day, we are taking on global health again, this time in the form of a public lecture and through an interesting perspective of the interdependence of human, animal and environmental health!